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Latest Issue, August 2016

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The study was conducted to determine the effects of spring-fall seeding and different row and intra-row spacing on seed yield and yield properties of Milk Thistle plant in Tokat. The experiment was conducted during 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 growing seasons under Tokat-Kazova conditions. Seeds were planted in spring and fall seeding in the main plots two different row spacings (25 and 50 cm) and four different intra-row spacings (10, 20, 30 and 40 cm) in the sub plots. In this study, plant height, seed yield, 1000 seed weight, oil ratio, oil yield and oil composition were investigated. According to the findings, seed yield varied from 37,7  to  672,2  kg/da, and oil ratio % 20,9 to 25,5. The average seed yield of fall seeding (330,4 kg/da) was above that of spring seeding (107,4 kg/da). The seed yield and oil rate was higher (respectively, 25x20, 25x10 and 50x10 cm) than the other applications. Furthermore, oil ratio is approximately 4,9% higher in spring seeding than that in fall seeding. In terms of fatty acids, the ratios of linoleic acid, oleic acid, palmitic acid, and stearic acid in fall seeding and spring seeding are 43.77% and 46.87%, 31.31% and 28.78%, 8.93% and 8.47%, and 6.72% and 6.68%, respectively.


Code-switching is a widespread multifunctional characteristic of the speech of bilinguals in formal and informal settings. The present study is interested in analyzing the English language Iraqi doctors use in formal settings, basically to identify the types of codeswitiching found. This will be performed via content analysis of data collected through tape recordings and direct observations. The study also endeavours to identify the functions doctors aim to achieve through using English. The study also aims to identify doctors’ perception of the level of English they have and whether their current linguistic situation requires improvement. The latter two objectivesare met through analyzing data extracted from a self-reporting questionnaire. Results show that Iraqi doctors use intra-sentential code-switching more frequently than the two other types though it requires more knowledge in the L2. Results also indicate that Iraqi doctors use English for communicative purposes. Doctors feel that English requires further improvement.


Maharshi Abhilasha*,Raichandani Leena,Kataria.K. Sushma, Agarwal Ritu,Gaur Samta,Raichandani Kishore and Raichandani Surbhi

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The jugular foramen (JF) lies at the base of the skull between the occipital bone and the petrous part of the temporal bone. It allows for the passage of important nervous and vascular elements, such as the gloss pharyngeal, vagus and accessory nerves, and the internal jugular vein. Glomic tumors, schwannomas, metastatic lesions and infiltrating inflammatory processes are associated with this foramen, which can account for injuries of related structures.  The jugular foramen is difficult to understand and to access. It is difficult to conceptualize because it varies in shape and size because of its complex irregular shape, its curved course, its formation by two bones and numerous nerves and venous channels that pass through it.
Morphometric measurement is helpful in neurosurgery.
Material and Methods
100 jugular foramina of persons of unknown age and gender were examined in Dr.S.N Medical College, Jodhpur. The morphological characteristics of all investigated jugular foramina were described, measured, and compared, taking into consideration their side. Metric measurements were taken by using Vernier calipers. The mean standard deviation and range of each dimension and derived index were compared. Right and left side differences were analyzed.
Jugular foramina were studied for review of its morphology, morphometery and its comparison with previous studies. Different shapes and sizes of jugular foramen were seen. In 65% cases the right foramina were larger than the left, in 25% of cases the left foramina were larger than right and in 10% cases they were equal in size on both sides.
  The mean length of the foramen on the right and left were 17.19±3.66mm and 15.47±3.25mm; the width measured 6.68±1.99mm and 5.78±2.07mm on the right and left respectively; the mean area on the right was 382.22±179.18cmm and on the left 292.47±147.14cmm.
There was statistical significance between the two sides in the length and area but there was no significant difference between the two sides in the width. There was a positive correlation between length and width on each side. Statistical analysis did show significant positive correlation between the width and length Of the skull and the length of the jugular foramen on both the sides.


Jineesh Thottath *, Aswathy A N, V R Rajendran and Naufal Perumpalath 

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Aicardi’s syndrome is an X-linked congenital disorder characterized by a constellation of anomalies mostly affecting the central nervous system, the most important one being the dysgenesis of corpus callosum, in a female neonate typically presenting with infantile spasms. MR imaging is the investigation of choice in detecting the anomalies and evaluating the extent of the abnormalities associated with this syndrome. In this report, we present a typical case of Aicardi’s syndrome with classic imaging findings thus confirming the efficacy of MR in evaluation of the condition.


This paper is based on research of Ph.D. on topic “A Critical and Comprehensive Study of Children Under Juvenile Justice Act” in which researcher has been covered the some topics such as Social Justice, Juvenile Justice System, United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), Beijing Rules for minimum standard programs of children etc. As per the UNCRC Child Rights are minimum standard programs and opportunities, freedom of the universal child that ought to be stood to all children underneath the age of 18 years little mind to race, color, sex, orientation, language, religion, notions, beliefs, wealth, birth status or capacity and along these lines apply to all forms all over the world. The UN finds these rights associated and unbreakable, implying that a privilege cannot be satisfied to the detriment of another privilege.  The reason for the UNCRC is to plan the fundamental human rights that ought to be stood to youngsters. There are four wide characterizations of these rights. These four classes cover all considerate, political, social, financial and social privileges of each child.
The great poet Milton put it admirably when he said: "Child shows the man as morning shows the day" and the Study Team on Social Welfare said much to the same effect when it observed that "the physical and mental health of the nation is determined largely by the manner in which it is shaped in the early stages". The child is a soul with a being, a nature and capacities of its own, who must be helped to find them, to grow into their maturity, into fullness of physical and vital energy and the utmost breadth, depth and height of its emotional, intellectual and spiritual being; otherwise there cannot be a healthy growth of the nation. Now obviously children need special protection because of their tender age and physique mental immaturity and incapacity to look-after themselves.


Giving children access to all varieties of literature is extremely important as it plays an important role in their social and academic development. It provides students with opportunities to respond to literature; gives them appreciation about their own cultural heritage as well as those of others; helps students develop emotional intelligence and creativity; nurtures growth and development of the student’s personality and social skills; and it hands down important literature from one generation to the next. Children’s literature provides them with the opportunity to develop their own opinions about the topic. This strengthens deeper thought about literature and helps students develop their own feelings and encourages creativity and imagination.