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Latest Issue, March 2017

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Experiments were conducted to assess the effects of carbonate ions on growth, feeding behaviour and survival in Rhinella marina tadpoles. Gosner stage 22 tadpoles were exposed to different pH of carbonic acid, distilled water and pond water for duration of 4 weeks. Pond water had a pH of 7 and distilled water of pH 6.5.  Growth rate was significantly higher at higher pH showing a significant difference between the growth in distilled and pond water with carbonic acid. Time spent on feeding was significantly higher in distilled and pond water indicating feeding to be partially responsible towards the growth rate. Survivorship was higher for control animals as compared to those exposed to pH 5.5 and 6.0. It was also observed that tadpoles in lower pH did not swim around a lot.  At lower pH tadpoles faced a lot of stress which hindered its development. Stress was brought about by desiccation and lower respiratory rate since carbonic acid contains a lot of hydronium ions and less dissolved oxygen.


Subash Ghimire, Arbind Tuladhar, Sagar Raj Sharma

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An assessment framework is required to assess good governance in land valuation for infrastructure development. It is difficult to find the methodologies to assess the governance in land valuation for infrastructure development. Therefore, the main objective of the study is to develop an assessment framework for assessing good governance in land valuation.  The desk study is followed by the literature review and is started with critical reviewing of scientific literature in the land valuation, good governance and assessment framework. Based on the evaluation areas of an assessment, various aspects and elements are identified for an assessment. Evaluation areas in an assessment are the areas that provide reference for the assessment framework. The aspects are the breakdown of these evaluation areas. The elements are the smaller units of aspects for an assessment. It is found that good practices criteria are optimal performance of indicator. Finally, the study reveals that an assessment framework is important because it provides guidelines and determines the aspects that should be focused in an assessment. Good practices and indicators are the methods for assessing the good governance in land valuation in infrastructure development. An assessment framework is developed for assessing good governance in land valuation for infrastructure development.


Creatine kinase is a controller of cellular homeostasis. CK and its cytosolic and mitochondrial subunits is compartment specific which play their role in cardiac muscles, skeletal muscles, brain and other tissues. Under situations of compromised cellular energy state of ischemia, oxidative stress and calcium overload, mitochondrial Creatine kinase exquisites susceptibility to oxidative modifications and the compensatory up regulation of its gene expression, in some cases leading to accumulation of crystalline Mt-CK inclusion bodies in mitochondria that are the clinical hallmarks for mitochondrial cytopathies.Asymptomatic hyper CK emiais an incidental finding in a patient without muscle related symptoms or with only insignificant nonspecific muscle symptoms like cramps, spasms and fatigue that do not significantly affect daily life activities. The diagnosis of congenital muscular dystrophy requires the concurrence of expertise in multiple specialties available in a few centres worldwide that have achieved sufficient experience with the different CMD subtypes. Metabolic muscle disruption is seen due to heavy exercise, researchers studied exercise related elevation of CK in different groups on the basis of different factors effecting CK. 


In an era of modern technology, social media has speeded into almost every aspect of the lives of almost all ages of people who utilizes the internet.  Using social media as teaching/learning tool parallel with the traditional learning methods in a hybrid technique may provide a convenient, self-paced learning methodology in an interesting coordinated way.  It is an approach that implement education and communication tools to support educational goals and enhance learning in a more convenient and cost-effective manner. This study reflects the advantage of the use of social media in engineering education. The sample of this study consists of different levels of engineering students attending different courses at the Faculty of Engineering at Hashemite University. This study reveals that there is a significant difference between the traditional teaching method and the hybrid one that combines the traditional educating system with the facebook social media as a supporting learning environment. Overall engineering education/ learning loop  provides the instructor  with a solid foundation for further development and pushing him/ her to follow  up learning technology systems  in order to improve his/her  professional practice as a lecturer.


The readymade garment (RMG) sector plays an important role in developing the economy of Bangladesh. The RMG sector contributes around 76 percent to the total export earnings. More than 4.0 million people are working in this sector, about 80 percent of who are women (Haider, M. Z. 2007). The garment sector is the largest employer of women in Bangladesh. It has provided employment opportunities to women from the rural areas. But the status of the women workers in RMG sector is very low in terms of wages, job security, accommodation, education, health & safety, human rights issue, cultural and social aspects.  They have lack of adequate knowledge in sexual & reproductive health, also rights. Most of them live in unwholesome rented slums grappling with the shortage of basic rights of human. For this social issue arise, there have some responsibilities also and that is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).  Corporate Social Responsibility aims to embrace responsibility for corporate actions and to encourage a positive impact on the environment and stakeholders including consumers, employees, inventors, communities and other members of the community, and contribute to their obligations by promotion and encouraging community development and eliminating the practices that harm it. CSR concept understands today in Bangladesh. It includes health & safety, human rights (Sexual and Reproductive health & rights), child labor, compliance, Good governance, environmental and climate issues, those are becoming increasingly important in Bangladesh economy, especially in businesses, related with international exports. CSR cannot be ignored because it brings economical profit to company and country also.