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Latest Issue, January 2022

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The isolation of the gallery space from the world outside the museum reinforced the understanding that art belongs to the 'universal and eternal spiritual realm', with nothing to do with money or politics. The fewer the objects exhibited in modern museums and the more empty the walls, the more sacred the museum space becomes. In this context, the modern art museum, also called the white cube, is unspoiled and pure spaces designed to present art in a still and quiet environment, undisturbed by the intervention of people. This study was carried out with the literature review method. In today's art, it is aimed to be a resource that presents current examples to researchers working on the interaction of gallery space and nature, by creating works that focus on the relationship between the gallery space and nature.


For today, the management system based on key performance indicators (KPI) is one of the most effective systems from the perspective of complex-structure enterprises management. It helps to channel the company’s activity in general and its units to achieve strategic goals, increase process performance and estimate their efficiency. In the framework of a big corporation the system of key performance indicators make it possible to evaluate the contribution of each unit in achieving corporate-wide goals, to provide communication between units and establish strategic management scheme. Based on such significance as well as to undermine the KPI Framework process at LIGION Herbal Limited, the study has been conducted. The aim of this study is to get a clear understanding of the organization's KPI Process as well as its possible prospects & problems. The company for the study was chosen followed by a convenient technique and the sample was chosen followed by the purposive sampling technique. The study has tried to make the sample data as heterogeneous as possible for perfect analysis. The report has brought the current practices of KPI at the organization at its best. The findings of the study progressed toward many prospects such as uniqueness of attributes in accordance to various departments as well has having common attributes and therefore proving the unbiased evaluation they are looking forward to. Whilst that in place, there has been some crucial problems identified such as a concentration of top-down method only as well as lack of top management’s support.


Batticaloa Lagoon is a very large estuarine lagoon with brackish water in Batticaloa District, Sri Lanka. It is a long and narrow lagoon situated in the East coast of Sri Lanka with the total area is 11,500 ha of water. The Surface area is 141.18 sq.kilometersand the highest depth is 4 meters. The lagoon is 56 km long and opens into the sea at two points. One in the southern end of the lagoon at Periyakallar and the other is midway of the lagoon at Palameenmadu which is close to the Batticaloa town.
Water samples were collected in two seasons i.e., in June (dry season) and November (rainy season) at two sampling locations, which are A (Eravur) and B (Koddamunai bridge area). When compare to previous year (2020 / The Government imposed lockdown and curfew for a long period) the pollution level was increased in the year 2021. Higher numbers of phytoplankton members were recorded in dry season than rainy season.
Kandy Lake is a freshwater ornamentalartificial Lake in the heart of the hill city of Kandy, Sri Lanka. The total surface area is 19ha.The surface areais 0.006544 sq. kilometers. The circumference is 3.21 km. The highest depth is 18.5 meters. Kandy Lakeis artificial and was created in 1807 by Sri Wickrama Rajasinha, the last ruler of the kingdom of Kandy.
Water samples were collected in two seasons i.e., in June (dry season) and November (rainy season) at two sampling locations which are A (Kandy City Center area) and B (Department of Immigration & Emigration area).In both seasons same number (08) of phytoplankton members were recorded in both sampling locations A (Kandy City Center area) and B (Department of Immigration & Emigration area). The density of phytoplankton members was reduced in rainy season in both sampling locations.
During the study period in the year 2021, no algal bloom was recorded at both sampling stations of Batticaloa Lagoon and Kandy Lake.