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Latest Issue, October 2020

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Cities under the burden of population growth present problems regarding connections to nature due to lack of green areas such as parks. As a solution to this problem, green practices in architecture has become more common as a tribute to ecology and a counter measure againts global warming. City dwellers feel the lack of green in their lives leading them to place plants in relation to a buildings. The selection of plants mostly depend on the climate, costemics and life span.
The study provides information on green roof and green wall implementations as well as presenting significant projects in order to furnish an insight on the global importance of the subject. The main approach of the study is relating green practices with architecture and design related guidelines to be able to explore various qualities of such implementations. Literature provided in the study relate with the examples selected presenting regulations, goals, values, impact and advantages of green implementations.


All through history the need for shelter has been a vital concern in the anatolian peninsula due to catastrophes and migration. The primary requirements of refugees and disaster victims in need of a shelter with the hopes of living a decent life and overcoming financial and moral difficulties proves the importance of providing an accommodation to ease daily troubles.
The research focuses on aspects of migration in the Anatolian peninsula presenting the historical panorama of migration related to historical events as well as socio-economic causes. As the residents of the Anatolian peninsula historically carry a nomadic lineage, presenting an analysis of the subject in relation to the local culture and events may provide a strong foundation for the study. Therefore, the study evaluates various shelter types from tents to prefabricated housing, observing the ecological circumstances and requirements focusing on sustainability adaptation for climate changes. The study also focuses on the psychological, sociological and economical circumstances in which refugees find themselves in aiming to provide a living unit for 3-4 person with the maximum space of 15m2 acceptable by international regulations.


*Dr.Usha Singh, Dr.Shailza Bhatnagar, Dr.Suman Meghwal, Dr.Sweta Chopra, Dr.Amandeep Kaur

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The most ancient system of medicine in Indian subcontinent is the rich science of ayurveda, which is popular as traditional medicine of India. Ayurveda being a holistic science is a treasure of measures of life, health and diseases. The fundamental principles of ayurveda were the outcome of many observations and repeated experimentations by ancient seers. The process of digestion and absorption has been conceived in the form of agni siddhant in ancient system of medicine. If the capacity of digestion and metabolism is to be examined or estimated in diseased or healthy condition, multiple factors are required to be investigated to draw out conclusion. These are doshika predominance, prakriti, ritu, diet and rules of dietetics, exercise, daily routine, sleep habits, mental health status and many others. It has been discussed in this article that how these factors enhance or diminish the digestive strength of an individual.


Fava bean is one of the oldest crops and common legumes in the world, which ranks sixth in production among the different legumes. Than many people, grow V. faba as a horticultural plant.  Tokat people like it and consume widely that is named as “boduç”.  Therefore, that excess consumption brings a large amount of husk-waste.
Technological advancements and industrial revolution have broughtheavy metal pollution, which is threatening all living creatures. Many investigators are seeking for new low-cost and easy-to-apply ways to remove this pollutant.
This study aims to investigate sorbent properties of fava bean. The husk of the fava beans (Vicia faba) were used as biosorbent because of widely consumed in Tokat. The husk powder of fava beans (> 0.5 mm and ≤ 0.5 mm) were interacted with, Pb+ 2 and Cd+2 solutions in 25 mg / L and 75 mg / L concentration at 25 oC and 45 oC temperature. The capacity of cadmium and lead removal from aqueous solutions was investigated. As a result, sorbent value of 75 mg / g for both heavy metals were reached in a short time and at low temperatures. The results are considered as significant with literature and efficient for further studies.


The present study explored preschool children’s occupational expectations and it’s relation to their perception of gender typed occupations. Occupations can be ideally divided in to two, male and female dominant. Literatures convey that while men are employed in executive, administrative and managerial level, women are employed in very stereotypical occupations in Sri Lanka. The present research explored whether these perceptions of gender typed occupations are stemming from early childhood. Limited research have been carried out pertaining to this area in the Sri Lankan context, and thus findings of the study would increase awareness about gender typed occupations. Eighty four preschool children (Boys = 44; Girls = 40) participated in this study. Sample was selected from two preschools located in Matara district. Interviews and picture responses (pictures cards containing occupational instruments) were used as the tools. The results of the study conveyed that preschool children’s current perception of gender typed occupation strongly affects their occupational expectations and that here was no significant gender difference in preschool children’s perception of gender-typed occupations. Further, parents’ and adults’ occupations influenced preschool children’s occupational expectations.


N.Madhavi, G.Srinivasa Rao, B.Anu Radha, K.Varalakshmi, V.Nagalakshmi

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Water is one of the most valuable of all earth-known natural resources. It is essential to all living species, most environmentally sustainable structures, human health, food production, and economic growth. Drinking water protection is critical to the health. Related pollutants impact the quality of the drinking water .These pollutants cause severe health issues. The Drinking Water quality becomes low due to these pollutants. Such low quality water also causes many diseases in humans. The purpose of this research is to provide information on the physicochemical characteristics to discuss its suitability for human consumption. To determine water quality, physicochemical aspects of the water were investigated. The water quality is determined in neighbouring villages in 11 areas of Eluru. Samples of water taken from Madhepalli, NTR Colony, Pathebadha, Ponangi, Satrampadu, Shanti nagar, Tangellamudi, Vempadu, Vanguru, Vatluru and Vasantawada. Then each water sample is under study for water samples' physico- chemical status. In physico-chemical research, different consistency parameters are calculated including pH, Basic conductivity (SP), total dissolved solids (TDS), total hardness according to WHO water quality standards; the pH of all water samples was found to be nearly neutral. All the Parameters were within the limits permitted. Stated and explained the findings.


The nutritional delivery to critical care patients is challenging and may require justified evaluation of its composition. Parenteral nutrition (PN) is still inevitable in several situations. The nutritional support includes provision of calories, proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, micronutrients, electrolytes and fluids in appropriate amounts according to individual needs.  We have reviewed the existing guidelines, meta-analysis studies, randomized controlled trials, and review articles for various components of PN and studied their impact on the clinical outcomes.We systematically searched PubMed, Medline and Embase for trials (published from 2017 to 2020) investigating various components of parenteral nutrition and their impact on clinical outcomes. In conclusion, there is still lack of proper large scale trials to justify the optimal combinations with the dosage required of each component of PN.


Today, without an in-depth and comprehensive analysis of various ideas and views on spiritual renewal in the development of society, without drawing appropriate conclusions and lessons from them, we can not move from national revival to the greatest goal of national revival. This article deeply examines the scientific and philosophical views of great thinkers – our forefathers, scholars and public figures of different periods on the spiritual development of society.


Tribes follow a unique life style, culture and life patterns, but even then they are not free from the social and economic deprivation which they are experiencing for a long time. Amidst growing concerns about their socio-economic problems, their awareness regarding psychosocial problems are not explored adequately. The present article mainly focuses on the knowledge level of tribal communities on social and psychological problems. The findings are based on data collected from 240 respondents of five tribal communities in Kerala. The result shows that a majority of the tribes have an average level of knowledge on the psychological as well as social problems that exist in their community.