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Latest Issue, June 2021

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In the new order, there have been radical changes in all branches of art. Many art movements and styles have been born, but none have been as permanent as 'Modernism'. The philosophy of the modernism movement that emerged as a result of the French Revolution incorporates simplicity, forms of nature, intelligibility, accessibility and egalitarianism. In modernism, it was desired that the economic classification was completely abolished and that all people could benefit from art and its products.
With the development of technological activities, new business lines began to emerge, thus increasing the number of office spaces. The proliferation of office spaces has also developed the industry of office furniture items. In this new sector, famous artists of the modernism era made office furniture designs that were talked about too much and are still for sale today.
In this article, the features of office furniture in the modernism era are discussed first. It is followed by a discussion of the development of office furniture in the processof modernism based on the office furniture that represented a school at that time, and themovie “Play Time”directedby famous director Jaques Tatti.


Pollen grains are important bioparticles produced by the angiospermic plants. They are the carriers of male gametes that fertilize egg to form embryo. Being microscopic they are not visible but these airborne bioparticles contain some proteins in their composition that elicit allergenic response on coming in contact with human body. Most pollen in air are produced from anemophilous plants, while some belong to entomophilous and amphiphilous species. Wind pollinated taxa are the major source of inhalant pollen allergens. The knowledge of the pollen types in different times of the year provides help to allergists in identifying the suspected pollen type causing allergic reactions. Besides this being an atmospheric bioaerosol their role are also been analysed as carrier of pathogens like bacteria, virus and fungi. Thus the knowledge of their seasonal concentration in air is of prime importance as they form allergenic composition as well as pathogen carriers. Keeping this in view aeropalynological surveys were conducted in different cities in India and abroad to identify the hypersensitivity time for susceptible persons so that precautions can be taken by patients or appropriate treatment can be done by doctors. The present review compiles the aeropalynological surveys in different cities of India for the last fifteen years from 2006 to 2020.


Current shop window designs are impressive, different and original in recent years. With the window design of the stores, brands realize the memorable and catchy brand status they wish to create in the consumer memory. For this reason, today's textile brands aim to stand out from their competitors and to be remembered in the eyes of consumers by turning to installations as well as digital and technological applications in shop window designs.To this end, the importance of the design parameters used in window design is revealed. The shop window designs of today’s textile brands are important in terms of examining the values of color, density, product variety and brand identity, and determining the phenomenon of memorability. As a result, it turns out that the brand's relationship with the consumer in shop window design depends on the attention given to design parameters in terms of 'memorability'.
In this article, the results of a survey study conducted with 66 participants in a virtual environment has been focused in order to measure the importance of the design parameters that constitute the concept of brand identity in terms of the current store window design of the selected textile brands like Gucci, Lacoste and Zara.


Elakiya sree.T, Monisha.S, Shanmathi.J, Miruthubashini.T*

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This Work aims to create an eco-friendly paper board from corn husk due to its availability of cornhusk in our country and easy accessibility. Cornhusk is transformed into a paper board by mechanical pulping and paper making process. The paper board made from corn husk is tested for burst strength and moisture absorption properties. These boards are then used as base material to create eco-friendly commercial handcraft products. As these products can be marketed and sold, they may also start a home-based small-scale business and promote entrepreneurship. Using cornhusk as the base material in product making may also reduce the initial investment of a business.


Urban inhabitants have greater access to basic services of health and education than their rural counterparts. In Meme, urban residents in Kumba seem to have better access to specialized health services than the rural residents of Mbonge and Konye. Despite attempts to minimise inequalities, significant disparities in the access to health continue to exist between rural and urban Meme. In this regard, the study sets out to examine the pattern and implications of health inequalities in the rural and urban areas of Meme Division, Cameroon. The study adopted a multi-stage sampling technique in selecting respondents. One hundred questionnaires were distributed to each stratum. The GPS was used to provide the accurate location of health facilities in both rural and urban areas. The GPS coordinates were presented cartographically. Secondary data were obtained from hospital registers. Inferential techniques like the Cramer’s Value and Mann-Whitney U were used to analyse data. Descriptive techniques were employed in presenting data. Findings reveal that there is a bias in the distribution and quality of health services between Kumba and its surrounding rural areas. This has implications on child and maternal health particularly in the rural areas. Policies to reduce the health service gap will improve rural access to specialized health services, well-being and reduce rural pressure on available health facilities in Kumba.


Swapna Chaturvedi*, Dr.Neena Bhatia, Dr. Naval K Vikram, Dr. Kumble S Madhusudhan, Dr.Ravindra Mohan Pandey

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Introduction: Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver (NAFL) is a public health problem in India. Objectives: To study association of lifestyle and metabolic risk factors with grades of fatty liver (FL). Materials and Methods: NAFL (n=160) cases constituted the study group, FL was diagnosed by ultrasound of abdomen. Anthropometric   and biochemical parameters were recorded. Lifestyle and   metabolic risk factors were compared in different grades of FL. Results: Grade 1 FL was present in 69 % and grade 2 in 31 % of subjects. The prevalence of lifestyle risk factors  were higher in grade 2 FL   versus grade 1  FL  but were non-significant: Low physical activity (57.1   % versus 55.8  % ),  snack intake (87.7  % versus 81.0 %)  , saturated fatty acid >8% of total calories (18.3 % versus 16.2  % ), edible oil >25 g for males and >20 g for females   (93.8 % versus 90.9  % )  alcohol intake ( 81.6 % versus 78.3   %). The prevalence of  metabolic risk factors were significantly higher in grade 2 FL   versus grade 1  FL:  BMI > 25 ( 87.7 %  versus 61.2% ), waist circumference ( 75.5% versus 45.0 %) , WHR (91.8 %  versus 76.5%), IGT (24.4 % versus 6.3%),triglycerides ( 53.0 % versus  28.8 % ), Metabolic  Syndrome (MetS) (46.9 % versus  22.5 %). On univariate regression analysis, grade 2 FL  showed   positive association with metabolic factors  [BMI > 25 [OR (95% CI)  [ 11.38 (1.46- 18.37),  waist circumference [ 3.7 (1.77-7.97), WHR [ 3.4 (1.13-4.47), IGT [ 4.8 (1.76-13.16), high serum triglycerides  [2.7 (1.39-5.59) and  MetS [3.0 (1.48-6.22). Conclusions: The worsening grades of fatty liver are associated with metabolic risk factors   and should initiate workup of patients to avoid progression of NAFL to severe forms.


In this paper, the basic properties of fuzzy soft matrices are described. The fuzzy soft matrices are then defined as a matrix representation of the fuzzy soft sets. The aim of this paper is to define various hyper of matrices in fuzzy soft set theory, as well as to introduce some new operations on these matrices and to discuss all of these definitions and operations using relevant examples. We describe soft matrices and their operations in this paper so that theoretical studies in soft set theory can be conducted. The properties of soft matrices' products are then described. Finally, we built a soft max – min decision-making approach that can be effectively applied to problems with uncertainties.


The Weibull Generalized family of distributions was used to propose a three-parameter probability model Weibull exponential distribution. The proposed model's mathematical property was discussed. The aim of this study was to see how much ACTH and Cortisol secreted in response to the CRH/DEX test before, during, and after 6 and 12 weeks of fluvoxamine treatment in female borderline patients with and without history of sustained childhood abuse. For the two hormones described above, we plotted the cumulative distribution function, probability vacuity function, failure rate, and responsibility function of the proposed model. We discovered that BPD patients with a history of prolonged childhood abuse have the greatest reduction in ACTH and cortisol, and that fluvoxamine therapy decreases the hyper responsiveness of the HPA axis. Finally, we conclude that the proposed model's responsibility feature is well matched to the application component, and the conclusion is compared to a medical study. This paper would be extremely helpful in the fields of insurance, engineering, and medicine, as well as economics and finance.